Ted Fuller - Communications ExpertEdward M. Fuller

With more than 40 years of experience consulting with Fortune 500 companies, Ted is the founder of FULLER COMMUNICATIONS.

Muffy Paquette - Communications ExpertEleanor F. "Muffy" Paquette

Muffy has worked for over 25 years with companies such as Pepsi-Cola, Parexel, Lindt, and IOD Inc.. She is the Vice President of FULLER COMMUNICATIONS.

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The Fuller Communications Approach

Our team of experienced professionals work with your people to develop and teach specialized programs that are specifically designed to fit your unique needs. Our skilled coaches teach program participants to execute your company's business plan by teaching practical, applicable skills that work in today's business world.

Our Mission

In Omni Paratus, which means "prepared for everything" is to give each person the skills and information needed to meet every personal communication challenge head on. To have the information needed to develop trust, be meaningful contributors to the company, plan every meeting and make every presentation successful. The goal, to "Achieve Superior Performance."