The Fuller Communications Approach

Fuller Communications has taken a completely new approach to teaching personal communication skills. Using the Internet, the power of Behavioral and Values assessments and applying new and proven exercises we have "changed everything" including our follow up training process to sustain the skills learned.

Change I:
Use of the Internet to provide a baseline for individual personal communication patterns. How does a person communicate now and what adjustments are needed to work well with others.

Change II:
New exercises developed to teach participants to identify their own communication style and to recognize the patterns of others so that they can plan their approach and language to communicate.

Change III:
The development of new planning tools to maintain the skills learned.

Change IV:
New exercises incorporating the assessment technology to the communication planning.

Change V:
New Internet based follow up programs to sustain the training.

Fuller Communications has experience in
providing solutions to all types of business:

A Metropolitan Bank
when service becomes a commodity

An Advertising Agency
when there comes a need to distinguish

An Entrepreneurial Company
when a shorter sales cycle will increase profitability

A Food Service Company
when enormous contracts are at stake

when reorganization calls for a new team atmosphere

A Health Care Company
when communication skills will present a clearer picture