Presentation Skills

Fact Sheet


To enhance the presentation skills of anyone delivering information or ideas, either internally or externally.


To learn the skills needed to:

  • Present to an audience of any size
  • Organize an effective presentation
  • Motivate the audience to action
  • Design visuals that aid the presenter
  • Use visual aids for maximum audience control
  • Handling questions

Who Participates:

All individuals that are communicating information or ideas.

Program Length:

Two days.


10 - 12

Skills Acquired:

  • Thinking clearly under pressure (eye contact)
  • Dynamics of presenting (voice, gestures, stance)
  • Visual aid construction
  • Visual aid control techniques
  • Formatting the message
  • Delivering the message with enthusiasm and conviction
  • Managing the interaction
  • Closing the presentation with an action step

Program Modules:

  • Physical skills - Eye Contact, Voice, Gestures & Posture
  • Building relationships (Listening)
  • Organizing proposals
  • Formatting the message
  • Handling questions and objections
  • Visual aid construction
  • Visual aid control techniques
  • Closing the sale

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