Fuller Solutions - A Health Care Company

The Situation

In order to withstand fierce competition, a well known Health Care company needed to make significant changes to its culture. Managers had to learn how to improve communications with clients and prospects. The sales force had to learn how to position itself and the company effectively. Both of these tasks required new communication skills as a means to execute the company's new marketing plan.

The Fuller Solution

FULLER COMMUNICATIONS developed comprehensive sales presentation skills training and taught managers and the sales force how to present their new positioning message with style and confidence.

The Results

The firm improved its market share, gained a clear understanding of the "new" company culture and its future, and increased sales across all divisions.

Fuller Communications has experience in
providing solutions to all types of business:

A Metropolitan Bank
when service becomes a commodity

An Advertising Agency
when there comes a need to distinguish

An Entrepreneurial Company
when a shorter sales cycle will increase profitability

A Food Service Company
when enormous contracts are at stake

when reorganization calls for a new team atmosphere

A Health Care Company
when communication skills will present a clearer picture