Fuller Solutions - An Entrepreneurial Company

The Situation

A small entrepreneurial company, catering to the college and hotel market, wanted to shorten its sales cycle. In order to reach sales and profitability goals, the sales force needed new selling skills and a new marketing plan.

The Fuller Solution

Working with the company's President and Marketing Director, FULLER COMMUNICATIONS created and administered a sales/positioning program for the sales force. The program featured classic selling skills modules as well as special training on closing deals.

The Results

Within two weeks of the training, the company closed an $800,000 sale which had previously been delayed on an infinite basis.

Fuller Communications has experience in
providing solutions to all types of business:

A Metropolitan Bank
when service becomes a commodity

An Advertising Agency
when there comes a need to distinguish

An Entrepreneurial Company
when a shorter sales cycle will increase profitability

A Food Service Company
when enormous contracts are at stake

when reorganization calls for a new team atmosphere

A Health Care Company
when communication skills will present a clearer picture