Fuller Solutions - An HMO

The Situation

One of the largest HMO's in New England was completely reorganizing their sales and marketing effort. New people were being brought in including the new Vice President of marketing and sales. New offices were set up, new products were developed and new territories were established. A team atmosphere needed to be established if all of these changes were to be accepted and executed properly.

The Fuller Solution

FULLER COMMUNICATIONS worked with all levels of the organization to get their input and reactions to these changes. Working with senior management, we incorporated our findings into the corporate marketing plan. This plan was then presented to the sales force for their understanding and buy in. This plan became the centerpiece of the relationship training that was put in place.

The Results

Everyone from the President to the newest telephone marketing representative understood what the company stood for, what made the company special, and all are able to articulate this message in any setting. The entire organization is working from the same sheet of music and the results have been dramatic.

Fuller Communications has experience in
providing solutions to all types of business:

A Metropolitan Bank
when service becomes a commodity

An Advertising Agency
when there comes a need to distinguish

An Entrepreneurial Company
when a shorter sales cycle will increase profitability

A Food Service Company
when enormous contracts are at stake

when reorganization calls for a new team atmosphere

A Health Care Company
when communication skills will present a clearer picture