Fuller Solutions - A Metropolitan Bank

The Situation

A division of a large metropolitan bank needed to train the internal banking professionals to be sales consultants. To be successful the bank needed to isolate what made their organization different and better than the competition. The old cliches were out. Nice slogans were not helping. The service was becoming a commodity.

The Fuller Solution

FULLER COMMUNICATIONS worked with the upper management to determine what they thought were the bank's greatest strengths. We then tested this information with managers, account representatives, and various service departments for agreement. This statement of differentiation became the center piece of the bank sales and presentation skill training.

The Results

FULLER COMMUNICATIONS developed a sales/marketing training program for all levels of management. Each participant learned how to articulate the bank's message to clients and to use this message to drive the business.

Fuller Communications has experience in
providing solutions to all types of business:

A Metropolitan Bank
when service becomes a commodity

An Advertising Agency
when there comes a need to distinguish

An Entrepreneurial Company
when a shorter sales cycle will increase profitability

A Food Service Company
when enormous contracts are at stake

when reorganization calls for a new team atmosphere

A Health Care Company
when communication skills will present a clearer picture